Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Keep Moving Moving...

This year might be the year that i travel most, haha!! Penang, Melaka, Langkawi, Taiwan, Veitnam.. Hope there will be another trip end of the year (Thailand!!!!)

Then , next year Macau!! ( But got to sacrifice KK, no choice la, sorry guys!!)

Well, works so far so good, more and more responsibility and challenge, love it, i need to get rid of my late wake up habit, huh!!!!

Argh!!, got to move to another new house again!!  Hope it will be a better choice

Braddell, i'm coming!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Boss, do something !!

Another off day for me but did nothing whole day, this is usually how i pass my off day nowadays..

Have been working for 5 months with my first employer, started from the beginning, i'm trying to find a new job but till now i'm seeing my colleagues leaving one by one, i'm still standing on the ground

Am i choosing the right decisions? Continue to work so hard till i get what i want or just jump to other company which can at least give me some satisfaction on my pay

Can i hold for another 2 months? Will i be appreciate? Are they going to raise my pay to what i deserved?? Shall i continue to wait until i realize that i had chose the wrong path?

I'm struggling inside myself and i really need an answer for me to decide which way should i take
Go or not to go?? Which is better?? i don't want to choose the wrong decision

I hope i can see some sign from my boss.. hopefully soon

Friday, February 4, 2011

2011, Bunny year!!!

Gong Hei Fat Choi!!!!

Another brand new year and this year is Bunny year!!!!

Well, as usual, i hope all my dreams can come true this year

However, this year is different from usual cause from this year onwards, i'm longer a student, enter another chapter of my life, Working life

So far, i found it is a boring life, i hope it will get better soon

Just hope that i will find motivation in my job soon, i want to success as soon as possible!!!

Last, wish everyone have a great year ahead and wish my family and friends stay healthy and wealthy...

Happy 2011

Friday, October 15, 2010

Awesome Summer 2010 in Yellowstone

July 17 2010,

i was back to US after 1 year. The destination was Yellowstone. I treated it as our graduation trip which consisted of Jonathan, Kok Tien, Ting Ting, Brian, Chai Ann & me. By that time, i was wondering whether i could make any money...

4 months later....

October 15 2010,

i'm leaving Yellowstone later soon. We will begin our road trip to San Francisco, Las Vegas, New Orleans and Orlando. From Orlando, Jonathan and i will fly to Buffalo before reaching our last stop, New York while others will travel to Washington.

Recall back the past 4 months...

i'm totally unexpected that it was the most excited and colourful summer i ever had. I never thought that i will make a bunch of good friends from Taiwan, China, America, Ecuador, Czech Republic... it was totally different from the summer i had in Hard Rock Cafe.

Here, we work, hike, eat, play, travel, drink, sleep together... We are like a family. Although in the end, all of us need to go back to their own country, our memories will stay in our mind forever... I feel lucky to have them especially friends from Taiwan. They are really nice and friendly

From dishwasher to EDR to pantry + cook + cafe runner to server assistant, i almost did every position in Canyon's kitchen though i hope i could try to be server... The experience was really cool, at least i know how's the kitchen runs and make lots of friendsss

Now, all of us are back to their original life, some are travelling, some are back to school, some are back to work, but we will not forget each other, i believe we will meet again some day some time in future. Last, thanks GOD for giving me this gift

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Goodbye to you...

The day that we would not want it to comes finally arrived...

Today, i sent my friends off from Yellowstone..There are 6 of them and 1 of them is a very very good friend of mine...

I'm feel down but I didn't cry, i don't know why, even the GOD 'cries', am i cold blooded?? ( chai ann did cry in the end though)

She's gone and maybe i will have peaceful day but i will miss the days when she was around, kacau me, make noise, make me happy when i was down, make me awake when i was driving in the night, make me maggie me when i was hungry....she is a very nice friend

Days are counting down, more and more friends are leaving, the fear of being alone suddenly appears, but they will always in my memory

Although is just 3 months, we are already a bunch of close friends, our friendships will be continue till forever, hope we will meet again soon in Taiwan or Malaysia or China

Friday, July 23, 2010

Hitch Hiking

Well, it has been a month since i arrived in Yellowstone Nature Park

There's a lot to talk about Yellowstone but the most exciting part in Yellowstone is hitch hiking which you can't do it in any where else....

Today was my 6th hitch hike within 1 month and this time we went to West Thumb and Old Faithful. Fortunately, we managed to come back before the night goes dark.

The first hitch hike was the most memorable 1 because it was my first time and was a successful trip. Originally, we plan to go to Old Faithful and ended up with Tom and his mother for a road trip at the upper loop of Yellowstone. We even got a treat from them. A good start for my hitch hiking adventure.

Eventually, i had hitch hiked to Mammoth, Lake, Roosevelt, Old Faithful, Bridge Bay and West Thumb. Now only left Grantt village which is not that attracted to go

I can said that i'm lucky to meet different nice and kind people who are willing to pick us up without knowing who we are. We chatted about ourselves, got to know more about their cultures ( Turkey, German, other state), is fun to chit chat with them though sometimes i felt tired and repeating my story, haha!!!

Anyway, thanks for those who had pick me up from the roadside, thanks for your ride and appreciate your kindness, may GOD bless you

Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm back!!!

Well, finally i got time and access to blog, i'm in USA again!!!!

Only after a year, i couldn't believe that i'm back in USA, the memories with Bryan, Pang, Salad, Irini, Valex and Jasper in Gatlinburg are still fresh in my mind

Here, Yellowstone is totally different from Gatlinburg, there is no amusement park, no brandy outlet, no nice restaurant but nature and wildlife, a different experience i'm going to have for the next 4 months

On the first day, snow fall down to welcome us, it was really freaking cold and shocked cause snow in summer, could you believe that?? haha!! However, finally i can feel and touch the snow, weee

It just 3 weeks after the final day of my exam, the time flies fast, 4th year civil engineering batch finally departed. After studying together for the past 4 year, i found a batch of good friends, i will appreciate our friendships, hope it won't fade after we start working..

(1st year)

(2nd year)
(3rd year)

So, this going to be the last chance to travel with them, it shall be a unforgetable memory of my life....

That's all for today, stay tune for more updates :)